End of Year Book Giveaway Starts Friday

‘Tis the season for Shakespeare Geek to get a bunch of new Shakespeare books for Christmas.  This year I’ve decided to make some room on the shelves by giving away a bunch of my old ones.

Please note that these are my own books, sometimes purchased with my own money and sometimes review copies that I’ve received in the past. Either way, I want to make sure everybody understands that they are not brand new.  I won’t bother giving away anything that’s got major damage, of course.  I’m just talking about usual wear and tear, the occasional smudge on a page or fray at the edge of a book jacket sort of stuff.

Still interested?

Ok, here’s how it’s going to go down.  I’m both announcing and giving away these books in the email newsletter.  Starting Friday I will announce via email what book I’m giving away next, and anybody interested in that particular book will be asked to reply to that email saying so.  From everybody that replies, I will choose a winner and send off the book.  I don’t yet know how many books we’ll do this for.


1) Sign up for the email newsletter.  You will receive a confirmation email that you will have to click, so please don’t forget that step.  My email blasting software will consider you “unconfirmed” if you don’t do that second bit, and you won’t get future email.

2) Be on the lookout for email from me.  I don’t yet know what I’ll call it, but expect something obvious like “Shakespeare Geek Book Giveaway”.  I’m still going to be half asleep from the turkey.

3) Unlike many email blasted newsletters, this one has a “write back” function that I plan to use.  If you are interested in possibly winning the current book, write back and say so.

4) In your reply, please take a moment to give me some feedback on how else you’d like to see the email feature used.  I can’t afford to give stuff away every week, you know!  Would you like to see original email-only content, or a digest of what’s gone on in the blog?  Let me know!

5) Each giveaway will last about a week, depending on how badly the holidays mess up my schedule.  Details will be in each email.

6) US RESIDENTS ONLY.  My apologies to my international friends, but if I’m going to make this a regular feature there’s just no way that I can afford to open it up to international shipping costs.

Any questions?

Sign up now!  Once the giveaways start I will NOT NOT NOT be announcing every single book in a new post!  If you’re not getting the emails when contest announcements go out you will NOT know about them!

Want a HINT?  The first book I’m giving away is one of the very first I ever reviewed (2008), but I can find references to it going all the way back to 2006.

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