Everybody Knows It’s Free Stuff Week Right?

Just a quick reminder that we’re running *2* contests this week.

Today (Wednesday) is the last day for a chance to win Shakespeare in Love on Blu-Ray!

Second, I’m finally rewarding those folks who have signed up for email updates by giving away one of my remaining copies of The Tempest DVD this week.  If you’re not already signed up (and why not??) you have until Friday if you want to be entered.  No special requirements, you just need to get the email and then reply to the email saying that you want to be entered.

If you *are* subscribed and didn’t get an email announcing the contest, check your spam folder!  I even sent out a second email warning people of this.  So if you haven’t heard from me this week and should have, definitely check your junk mail and if necessary sign up again.  You may not have confirmed your initial subscription.

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