Did Everybody Have A Good Ides?

Hey all!

I feel like I haven’t posted in over a week (mostly because I can see my own post dates and know I haven’t posted in over a week :)), but I feel like I can’t let a Shakespeare day like the Ides of March go by without at least checking in.

How’s things?  Any bad luck?

Just so everybody knows, even when traffic on the blog is low we’re usually hanging out on Twitter.  On the busiest days I find it’s easier to toss out a quick link here or there, or write up a joke or two, then to sit down and write up an entire post on a topic.  I have to be at least somewhat inspired to do that, you know?  To feel like I’m adding some sort of value and not just talking for the sake of talking.

Remember, the moral of Julius Caesar is, “Listen to your wife.”

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5 thoughts on “Did Everybody Have A Good Ides?

  1. Re: Just so everybody knows, even when traffic on the blog is low we're usually hanging out on Twitter.

    Not to worry Master Geek.
    When it comes to Shakespeare blogs, we only have Ides for you.

  2. I had a good Ides. I wasn't really thinking about Caesar though; I was more occupied with the fact that our Hamlet rehearsal is next week (!!).

  3. Interesting day the Ides of March. I spent the day having my middle school students research the pro and con to the Ides of March beinng bad luck.

  4. Kate, I'm sure the Ides of March would make a fascinating subject of study for students in middle school. But an entire day? All things "beinng" equal, perhaps a portion of that time should have been devoted to spelling lessons. For the teacher, I mean.

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