How To Categorize Shakespeare

Here’s a question that comes up in my life a lot.  We talk about Shakespeare here. That’s easy.  But when I go and add the site to various boards and services, inevitably I’m asked to place it into a category.

So, what’s our category?
Art?  Education?  Books and Literature?  Theatre?  Entertainment?  History?
None of those is a perfect answer.  I often end up putting us into Education, because when I look at the big mission of the site it is about discussing Shakespeare and hence learning about Shakespeare.  But education is not always a very big category and doesn’t get much traffic, so I feel like to just relegate us over there is not giving the site enough credit.
Curious to people’s thoughts.  Of course, some sites do offer the opportunity to place multiple tags of your own creation, which is fine – then I can add the actual word Shakespeare and the rest becomes secondary.
But for those cases where you need to pick a single category, what are we?  Think of it from the perspective of the incoming potential audience – they’re in category X, and they see Shakespeare Geek, what would their expectations be about the site?  And would we meet those expectations?
Thanks as always for helping to make the site better!

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