Inside The Vault #3 : Beasts!

I wish I’d gotten more pictures of this book:

This “Historie of Fovre-Footed Beastes” has a publication date of 1607 by William Jaggard, who’ll come back up later in a different Folio story.

The book itself was fascinating.  Note the color?  No, color printing was not available at the time.  This would have been hand colored.

Inside (maybe I’ll see if Folger’s got some more pictures I can use) was a very wide array of animals that my son had a field day identifying.  Lions!  Goats!  Otters!  Otters?  Yes, even though the otter was apparently not known in England at the time, there was a picture of an otter.  Interesting how knowledge travels.

Speaking of beasts, how about this book on hunting?   If this one looks a little funny, that’s because it’s covered in deer fur.

The trip continues …


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