Lady Gaga Upcoming Shakespeare Project?

I’m still trying to find some evidence for this story, but this morning after church I get into the car, turn on the radio, and here the end of an interview where somebody’s singing the “You spotted snakes with double tongue, Thorny hedgehogs, be not seen; Newts and blind-worms, do no wrong, Come not near our fairy queen” song from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Then some generic Sunday morning radio host voice comes on and says “Lady Gaga, on her upcoming Shakespeare project.  We’ll be right back.”

I have no idea what this means. Nobody ever followed it up!  It just went straight into a commercial and then I never heard another word of it.

Anybody know what that’s all about?

I’ll update later in the day if I find out more information.

I have to admit that as far as “entertainers” go, I find the idea interesting.  Whether you like her music or not, you have to acknowledge that she very theatrical about it already.  If she wants to do something with a spin on a Titania character?  That would be highly cool. Not to mention the crossover audience! My kids are exactly the right age group for her kind of music. I’d be all over this.

2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Upcoming Shakespeare Project?

  1. My graduate students will be amused. We just did an activity comparing the literary devices in "Born This Way" to those in Shakespeare.

    For example: "There's nothing wrong with loving who you are" is an example of iambic pentameter.

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