Mr. Geek Goes to Washington

For those folks that aren’t with us on Twitter, you may not have heard that I’m taking the family to Washington D.C. next week for April vacation.  For some that would mean the White House, the Washington Monument, and all that semi-cool, 200year old stuff.

You know what I’m going for.  I want to see me some 400 year old books.  Specifically of course I’m talking about the Folger Shakespeare Library, what I describe to people who ask as “The Shakespeare Smithsonian.  The Center of the American Shakespeare World.”  (Come on, I need to give the Stratford Birthplace people at least a little acknowledgement :)).  I don’t know if it’s the common way or not, but I just call it “The Folger” in the same way I’d say “The White House” or “The Smithsonian.”

Want to hear something funny?  In my house I have a bust of Shakespeare (a small one), from the Folger. The thing is, I don’t remember getting it.  It had to have been during college when we went to DC for a conference.  I do remember going into town with friends.  But whatever period that was in my life, it wasn’t the same as it is now, and I obviously wandered in picked up Mr. Shakespeare, and brought him home in a very unmemorable event.

I expect next week, with wife and geeklets in tow, to be just a wee bit different.  🙂  I’m actually hoping/planning to meet people that I know.  The funny thing is that the following week is my birthday, and my wife asked me what I wanted.  “We’re going to be at the Folger Shakespeare Library.  I’m pretty sure I can find a few things.”

So, watch this space because one of a number of possible things might happen:

* I am so busy running around to all the sites that I have no time to post.
* I am so impatient about my trip to the Folger (Thursday) that I post every day between now and then to talk about it.
* I post a small (or possibly not so small) novel of my experiences starting Thursday night.
* I show up on the national news after I am arrested for attempting to eat a First Folio.

Anybody need anything while I’m out?  Bardfilm asked me to grab him a quarto, he said they’ve got them just lying around and you’re supposed to help yourself.

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  1. Oh hey, I'm from that area. Just got done performing in the Folger Secondary School Shakespeare Festival. Have fun!

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