Character I’d Most Like To _______ With

I saw a “Favorite Shakespearean Character?” thread on another board, and it reminded me how completely unanswerable that question is – it’s like asking who your favorite family member is.  Different pros and cons in different contexts.

I think I once asked “Which Shakespeare character would you want to go drinking with?” but didn’t get any answers other than Falstaff. 😉

So, a more wide open game.  First fill in the blank, then give a character.  Who would you like to …

… start a business with?

… go out on a date with?

… get into a mixed martial arts ring with?

… pick as your vice president?

Get the idea?

4 thoughts on “Character I’d Most Like To _______ With

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'd start a business with Antonio (Merchant of Venice). Besides sort of selling himself away, he is a good business man and also a good friend.

    I think I'd go on a date with Puck Midsummers). I don't know why, I guess he'd just be fun to be around.

    Mixed martial arts ring? Hmmm… I guess Joan of Arc (Henry VI, Part I), she could totally beat someone up.

    Vice president, I have to say, would be Benvolio. He's a good friend, calm, and clear-headed.

  2. Elizabeth R says:

    I'd have to go with Horatio (Hamlet) as my V.P. He is so loyal.

    Date, hmmmm. Orlando from As You Like It, maybe?

    (A lot of the male choices in Shakespeare seem like they would be veryyy bad choices. Romeo, definitely not; Eithre of the main guys from Midsummer, too fickle; Claudio, too quick to believe the worst of you; Benedick, will apparently only love you if he hates you first…)

  3. … start a business with?
    Richard III (Hey, Dick, uh, where did our competitors go?)

    … go out on a date with?
    Benedick from Much Ado. (Needs no explanation).

    … get into a mixed martial arts ring with?
    Ophelia. She's a pansy. (Yuck, yuck).

    … pick as your vice president?
    Cordelia from Lear. She'd tell it like it is.

  4. … start a business with? Quince, from Midsummer. (So random, right?)

    … go out on a date with? Hamlet, of course. (You read my name, didn't you?) But I'm thinking the chances of that are slim.

    … get into a mixed martial arts ring with? Tybalt, I think.

    … pick as your vice president? Claudius or Iago! Just kidding.

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