Ingenious(?) Shakespeare on Film

There’s certainly no shortage of these lists, but I haven’t linked to one in a while.   Flavorwire delivers their list of Top 10 Ingenious Shakespeare Adaptations, but as always I’m never really sure what criteria these sites use for such a list.

All the usual suspects are on this one, and probably nothing that long time readers hadn’t seen mentioned before (Scotland, PA, which I still haven’t seen, being the most unknown).  But how do you make a list that includes both McKellen’s Richard III and Luhrman’s Romeo+Juliet with 10 Things I Hate About You, O, and Strange Brew?

I’d love it if somebody made a list with a constraint that we could all agree upon, like “Shakespeare adaptations as musicals” or something.  Hint hint, content authors.  Get to work.

One thought on “Ingenious(?) Shakespeare on Film

  1. You might consider seperating the films which use Shakespeare's dialogue from those which do not.

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