Illustrating Shakespeare With Paper

Are traditional paper books dead?  If you’re a publisher like Barnes and Noble, you have to get creative.

They already had the rights to a cheapy paperback version of the plays.  They spot an artist who works in this really cool “paper cut” style and want to work with him.  Bingo bango, a new edition of Shakespeare is born!
I don’t know that this kind of thing would make me run out and get yet another edition of one of the plays — but if I was in the market for one and I saw half a dozen different volumes to choose from?  Something like this might stand out!  (Of course, this does not get into the discussion of which volumes have the best glossary, footnotes, edits and so on…we’re talking entirely about judging a book by its cover, here.  But let’s be real, plenty of people do that.)

2 thoughts on “Illustrating Shakespeare With Paper

  1. i agree, this looks super cool.

    but i feel like if i were to purchase it, it would be for the artwork, not as a serious Shakespeare resource or reading material.

  2. Has anybody actually found an ebook of Shakespeare that doesn't suck? I haven't. Formatting is a huge thing for me and I stick to my Complete Pelican Shakespeare.

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