Can I Call This One Sex In the Ancient City?

When I saw the name Kim Cattrall pop up in my inbox I assumed it was one of those social network digests I get periodically (“Kim Cattrall and Sean Combs have joined Pinterest!”), but I was pleasantly mistaken.  It was a press release for an upcoming event where the Sex In The City star is going to be talking about Cleopatra along with Janet Suzman:

In an event called Cleopatra: Not the Usual Passion Assigned to a Woman the two will discuss their experiences of playing Shakespeare’s iconic character, described by Suzman as “the most interesting role for a woman ever written”. Along with Jude Kelly they will discuss the complexity of the role, and explore why Cleopatra has the independence that allows her to speak to modern women.

Cattrall’s Shakespeare interest appears relatively new – all the links I can find associating her with out favorite topic seem to come from this month :).  Here’s video of her performing Sonnet 103.

And, here’s her in a musical number with Andrew McCarthy from 1987’s Mannequin 🙂

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