Whedon’s Much Ado Movie — Release Date!

For those not following on Twitter, a representative from Bellwether Pictures (Whedon’s production company) tweeted the following this morning:

Looks like some of you might have heard that a little film, #MuchAdoTheMovie, will be premiering at #TIFF12 Sept 6-16. More details soon.

TIFF is the Toronto International Film Festival. They are holding a press conference as we speak, when the full fall lineup will be announced (currently their site appears to only have summer listings).

UPDATED – More details, including a video, now available.  Strangely I do not hear Whedon’s name mentioned in the video but he’s clearly included in the writeup (along with a hint that his movie will likely be one of the biggest hits of the festival).

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One thought on “Whedon’s Much Ado Movie — Release Date!

  1. "This is bound to be one of the biggest draws of the festival, *based on Whedon’s ferociously loyal following alone*."

    It doesn't, however, hint that it will automatically be *Shakespeare* truly worthy of any praise. In other words, it will be a "big hit" in what way?

    I have to say, it's more than somewhat disconcerting that a cult following can so easily dictate expectations. I wonder what percentage of the *following* would know Shakespeare if it hit them over their heads.
    After all, the director is famous for such offerings as "Buffy" and a comic book movie. It's not as though they're slobbering in expectation of the next Gielgud, Olivier, or Branagh project. Would they even know who those people are?

    It might be good–the point is–who knows? Once again, celebrity, hype, popularity and marketing trumps substance before we find out if there's even any substance to be had.
    Sadly, such is the state of our collective mentality when it comes to what might be of value. Make it bright and shiny and, most of all, highly visible–lots of people might buy it; even before they know what it's really worth.

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