College Shakespeare (in Boston)

Bard in Boston has been collecting a list of fall shows playing at some of our many Massachusetts colleges, including an all-female Taming of the Shrew, and a “a creative encounter with Shakespeare’s Hamlet, incorporating movement, music, martial arts, sound and song”

Maybe I’ll make it to some of these!  I really don’t see nearly enough Shakespeare, relative to how much is around me at all times.  Maybe some of the more North Shore schools will get added to the list?  I’m looking at you, Merrimack College …

One thought on “College Shakespeare (in Boston)

  1. I know the feeling of not seeing as many shows as I should! We lived in Malden for two years, while I was in grad school at Emerson College. I think I saw a total of maybe 3 Shakespeare shows:( Two of which were at Emerson. Though I am very proud I got to see the amazing F. Murray Abraham in the title role in Merchant. I am now in Rhode Island, and feel like I need to make it into Boston to see more Shakespeare!! Keep the college Shakespeare post coming!!

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