Shakespeare App Idea

My list of projects is already so long that it’s not terribly useful for me to keep adding ideas to it.  So every now and then I’ll just post them, and maybe somebody else runs with it.

Shakespeare Meme Generator

  1. Get a collection of Shakespeare quotes.  Easy peasy.  Could be romantic, motivational, funny – your choice.
  2. Get a collection of Shakespeare-related images.  Harder by definition, but not impossible.  Screen shots from well known movies?  Flickr tags?  Couple different ideas.
  3. Combine random quote with random image to make a new shareable/pinnable thing.
  4. Show it to the user.  Offer user options of generating a new one, or sharing/pinning/tweeting this one.
  5. Keep track of how popular each one is.  Set up a link to a gallery to reinforce browsing through them (thus making them even more popular).
Could work as a web app or a native app (although it’s a little light for a native app).  Almost certain that similar “put a piece of text on a desired image” sites exist, though I don’t have a pointer to one.  The work would be in creating the database of quotes and images.

UPDATE Something like this, but not this.  This is “Here’s a database of images, put whatever text you want on it.”  If anything I’m thinking of more the opposite – it’s the words that are important, and it’s really a matter of taste what image you use.

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