Theme Song Shakespeare : Golden Danes

Knock, knock!

  Who’s there?

Bardfilm doing real work!

  Bardfilm doing real work who?

You’re right, that really doesn’t sound like him, does it? Here’s another theme song mashup to knock “Gangnam Style” out of your brain…

Setting the scene . . . Hamlet lies, dying in a pool of his own poisoned blood.  Horatio approaches . . . the music swells . . . and  

[Hamlet sings] 

Thank you for being a friend.
Grappled you to my soul–now and then.
Hor-a-tio, you’re a pal and a confidant.

And if you threw a fencing match
Invited both the king and the queen
You might think
They’d put some poison in your drink,
But the cup was meant for me.

[Horatio interrupts] 

Thank you for being a friend.
Travelled to Wittenberg and back again.
Funeral-baked meats furnished forth a meal or two. 

And if you saw a ghostie
That scared you into taking revenge–
Or if you say,
“Let’s do a play-within-the-play,”
I would saw the air and say,

“Thank you for being a friend.”
    “The rest is silence”
“Thank you for being a friend.”
    “Horatio, I die now.”
“Thank you for being a friend.”
    “May flights of angels . . .”


 “. . . thank you for being a friend.”

I can’t get enough of these.  I’ve got one of my own queued up but I can’t seem to find the time to finish it off, Bardfilm keeps knocking these out so fast!  If you want to join the fun, send in your theme song mashups!

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