Theme Song Shakespeare : Prospero’s Island

My turn! I can play too! Theme Song Shakespeare continues!

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a play,
A play about a fateful trip
That started from the port of Milan
Aboard a tiny ship.

There sat the sorceror Prospero,
His daughter at his side.
His enemies sent them out to sea
And left them there to die (left them there to die….)

The weather started getting rough,
The tiny ship was tossed,
If not for the loyalty of Gonzalo
His books would all be lost, his magic would be lost.

Now Prospero made his home on this uncharted magic isle
With Ariel,
And Caliban,
Who made his move, now he’s a slave.
They’re all alone –
But not so fast, what’s that ship out there?
Here comes King Alonso.

So this is the tale of Propero,
Setting traps for his enemies.
He’ll almost have revenge at last
Until his daughter begs mercy.

Miranda and now Ferdinand
(Who, come on now, she just met!)
Will make her dad at last accept
That now they want to wed.

Hey wait don’t forget about Caliban,
He’s hatched another plan.
Now Stefano plans to run the show
With Prospero’s books in hand.

So have no fear it all works out,
No tragedy, no one dies.
There’s guaranteed a happy ending
Here on Prospero’s Isle!

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