Theme Song Shakespeare : The Scottish MacHillbillies


Theme Song Shakespeare: The Scottish MacHillbillies

By Amy Helmes and Kim Askew from Romancing the Tome


(Macbeth sung to the theme song of “The Beverly Hillbillies”)

Come and listen to the story of a Scottish dude named Mac,
He was praised by King Duncan, who always had his back.
But he got a funny feeling he’d be elbow-deep in gore
when three witches told him he was destined for much more…

(King, that is…Dunsinane and everything.)

He told his bitchy wife and she figured out a plot
(later to bemoan that bloody spot wouldn’t come out.)
Macbeth was on a roll and had Banquo soon killed off
So Macduff and his buddies said, “Yo — enough’s enough!”

More predictions from the witches left Macbeth without a care
(Well except for seeing ghosts and flying daggers in the air)
“No man born of woman” could defeat him, so, it’s cool,
and unless the trees were movin’, Macbeth would always rule.

(Oppress, that is…baby-killin’ and massacres)

Using branches cut off from old Birnam Wood
Macduff’s crew disguised themselves best as they could
When Macbeth saw the forest moving out of the blue
He knew the hags’ predictions were all comin’ true.

At last he met up with his foe face-to-face,
Thinking his opponent could never take his place
“No man born of woman” was his last deception
‘cause Macduff had been born by Caesarian section!

Ya don’t come back now, Macbeth, y’ hear?

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