[ Or maybe, NaShaWriMo? ]

If you spend much time online (and, duh, how are you reading this exactly?) you’ll probably run into some references to NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.  In short, the idea is to commit yourself to finally writing that novel.  Sign up at the site and publish your results as a way of motivating yourself to make it happen.  Tell everybody about your progress daily, and get support in return on your way to completing that particular item on your bucket list.
As somebody who starts many, many projects and only finishes a portion of them, I approve this message.  I don’t really have a novel in me, but that doesn’t mean that the idea can’t still work.  Maybe I’ve got something about Shakespeare that I could finally write? Or maybe an app?
How about you?  Anybody out there got any Shakespeare writing projects in the works, either lying half finished in a desk drawer (remember those days?  when we actually used a real typewriter to write on real paper and you really could have a half-finished project in a desk drawer?) or still an idea forming in your head?  Now’s the chance to join up with thousands of others who are all running the same race!

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