Happy Holidays, Everyone! See You In 2013!

I hope that everybody’s having a wonderful holiday season!  As regular readers have no doubt noticed, I’ve been falling behind on keeping the blog supplied with a steady stream of Shakespeare goodness.  I did finally get to release my iPhone App ShakeShare, which I hope that everyone (who’s able to) downloads and enjoys.  I hope that it is the first of many.

It’s not like I’ve forgotten you. Every day I say, “I should put something up on the site.”  And things get in the way.  First it was the app, then the day job, now the holidays.  I can never seem to get the time and the focus to post things where I think I’ve given them the attention that they deserve.  Then I start focusing on everything that I’ve missed talking about, and the pile becomes insurmountable.  I bookmark things to post, then so much time goes by that I take them back off the list since they’re no longer newsworthy. That weighs on me.

And so I’m taking a holiday break.  Shakespeare Geek will not be posting any new content for the remainder of 2012.  If you’re following on Twitter or Facebook you’ll not doubt see some Best Of content, and maybe a #hashtag game here or there.  Those only take a couple of seconds in between bigger projects.

I hope everybody has a wonderful rest of the year, celebrating whatever holidays you may choose.  Thanks for being the loyal audience that you’ve been, and I hope to see everybody in a couple of weeks.  (* I know for a fact that I’m getting some new Shakespeare stuff for Christmas, because I bought it myself!)

Happy Holidays!


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