Bard Cake!

I would kill to see Cake Boss do an episode like this – a cake full of Shakespeare’s most famous characters.

Of course, much like Cake Boss, making something out of cake technically means making it out of chocolate, sugar, rice krispy treats and then sitting the sculptures on top of said cake.  But, still!

Here’s your challenge, Shakespeare geeks!  The opening picture in the article shows the entire cake.  Then, each character is explained.  So before you scroll down to read the whole article, see how many characters you recognize.

I just love that somebody’s pursued by a bear.  I want to meet whoever made this cake.

UPDATE : It appears that Romeo is being pursued by a bear?  Although in fairness it could be a kangaroo. Also, who is the snowman looking royal dude on the lower level supposed to be, Hamlet’s father’s ghost?  The rest seem pretty recognizable. Note the arras with the blade sticking out of it.

2 thoughts on “Bard Cake!

  1. It's hard to be sure since they don't show a detail of it,
    but in the upper right (next to Juliet) it looks like Polonius has been stabbed behind the curtains.

    If that's really what's going on there, i think it's my favorite thing on this (altogether amazing) cake.

    : )

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