(Living In This) Danish Paradise

Danish Paradise

by Bard “First Foolio” film

to the tune of Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio

You wanna tell me what this play is all about?

As I walk on the battlements of Elsinore,
I take a look at my skull and set the table on a roar.
’Cause I been antic dispositionin’ so long that
Even Ophelia thinks that my mind has gone.
But I ain’t never stabbed her dad if he didn’t deserve it.
Hidin’ back behind an arras? You know that’s unheard of.
You better watch where you’re putting that poisoned cup
Or you and your new wife might have to drink some up.
I really hate to be, but I gotta be.
You can see my solid flesh in my soliloquy, fool.
I’m the kind of Dane the traveling players wanna be like
On the stage every night
Reciting lines in the spotlight.


We been spending most our lives
Living in this Danish Paradise.
My father’s ghost is nice
Visiting this Danish Paradise.
Where are old Yorick’s gibes?
Not in this Danish Paradise.
One stab wound should suffice

Killing in this Danish Paradise.

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