Orson Welles’ Screwed Up Macbeth

“To lie in restless ecstasy. Restless, restless, goddamnit son of a bitch.”

– Macbeth, Act III, Scene 2
Here’s something that’s going on my playlist!  A YouTube user named “ApeBack” has uploaded a huge set of audio clips from the old Columbia Workshop radio show, including many performances by Orson Welles – Hamlet, Lear, Merchant, Richard III, you name it.   (This link points to all of ApeBack’s videos, from which you can select your favorite Shakespeare play.)
For fun I’ve chosen an outtake where Orson Welles screws up Macbeth – and it only gets worse from there.  It’s fun to hear the man laugh like that.  He’s quite infamous for, shall we say, not being quite so patient with the mistakes of others.UPDATE : Sorry for the confusion, I left out a link in the initial post.  Above, the “outtake” text links to the audio only version of Welles’ screw up.  Below we have the infamous “peas” meltdown that I was referring to above with “not being quite so patient”.  I should have made that more clear.

2 thoughts on “Orson Welles’ Screwed Up Macbeth

  1. Sorry Kelly – I've edited the post. I forgot the link to the actual outtake audio and more than one person was confused.

    Post should have three links:

    1) All of the posted clips from the Columbia Workshop series by user ApeBack. (Links to a youtube playlist).

    2) The selected outtake from Macbeth. (Youtube hosted audio.)

    3) The video clip from Welles' famous "peas" meltdown (video).

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