Shakespeare on Boston Common 2013 To Present … Two Gentlemen of Verona!

The announcement’s been made, and Commonwealth Shakespeare this summer will be performing Two Gentlemen of Verona on Boston Common.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I’ve never seen the play, so I’m excited to see something new.  But it’s rare that I’ve ever heard anything positive about the play.  Is it that it’s early?  Or just bad?  Is this the one with the rape in it?

I love love love Shakespeare in the park every year.  Hearing the words echo out into the night sky?  Shivers.

I’m not sure how the company chooses the plays, but they’ve definitely been going through a… lesser? phase.  That’s not fair, Coriolanus was in there.  But Two Gents?  Before that Coriolanus, before that All’s Well That Ends Well.  I’m wondering whether Troilus and Cressida or Timon of Athens is coming up next?

In the 18 years they’ve been going, only one show has been repeated — Midsummer.  I’ve seen 9 years worth of shows, and it kills me that Hamlet is the only year I missed (since I’ve been going).

Last year the host actually told one of my knock-knock jokes on stage.  Didn’t really get much of a laugh.  But I felt the damned giddy fool telling everybody around me, “That’s my joke!  I wrote that!!”

3 thoughts on “Shakespeare on Boston Common 2013 To Present … Two Gentlemen of Verona!

  1. Yesterday I had an audition for Timon of Athens… and I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually had to go on Wikipedia beforehand because I knew NOTHING about it. From the description I found, it read more like Moliere than Shakespeare.

    Also had an audition for As You Like It, but those are far less rare. Have one in two weeks for Alls Well That Ends Well. Last weekend was Midsummer and Twelfth Night. I'll let you know if I get cast in anything. *fingers crossed for Timon of Athens*

  2. Shakespeare & Company is doing Richard II this year and in their 35 year history it's never been produced on their mainstage. They're taking a massive risk but I'm so excited to see a show that few companies do. It's only a limited run but, still! Good for them for taking a risk!

  3. Thanks for this news, I hadn't heard! I saw Two Gentlemen of Verona for the first time in January, by ASP at Davis Square Theatre, and was very pleasantly surprised. I didn't know much about either, so I read it before the show, and really enjoyed some of the wordplay. What I don't get is this surge of interest in it. Besides the Commons and Davis Square, there's a musical version opening in Boston (I know, weird). Here's my review of Two Gents if you're interested:

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