Willie “Shakespeare” Joel’s Greatest Hits

Willie “Shakespeare” Joel’s Greatest Hits

by Shakespeare Geek and Bardfilm
  • A Matter of Trusting Iago
  • Scenes from an Italian Mercantile
  • She’s Always a Woman Dressed Like a Man To Me
  • Captain Jack Falstaff
  • Goodnight, Agincourt
  • We Didn’t Start The Fire ( But A Cannon During Henry VIII May Have)
  • Bottle of Red, Bottle of Poison
  • Two Innocent Men of Verona
  • It’s Still Iambic Pentameter To Me
  • You May Be Right, Hamlet May Be Crazy 
  • I Love You Just The Way You Are (But I Love My Husband More) 

This year’s Shakespeare Day Celebration is sponsored in part by Shakespeare Is Universal: Shakespeare truly is for everyone, and nothing demonstrates that sentiment better than his most famous quote of all, translated here into languages from around the world.   In celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday, show that you believe his works are just as relevant, powerful and important as they’ve ever been!

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