Your Shakespeare Geek Lives In Boston

I live just outside of Boston.  No, I was not in town when the unthinkable happened.  I did have family and friends there.  My sister-in-law’s brother (and his wife, whatever that makes her to me) were there.  My daughter’s 5th grade teacher was there.  A parent from my daughters’ Irish step dancing class was there.  A cub scout father was there.  My young coworkers have many friends at colleges throughout Boston, all of whom were there.  To the best of my ability to track them, all are safe (although each of them, in turn, has friends and acquaintances who were affected more severely).

In an upcoming post you’ll hear me refer to Shakespeare as my comfort.  Shakespeare’s words are what I turn to when I am unable to otherwise express what I might be feeling at any given time.

What words does Shakespeare have for Boston at a time like this?  I’m honestly asking.  I don’t want grief over the fallen.  I know that.  I want something more, something that speaks to our strength, that we will rise up out of this chaos stronger than we were before.

Help me.

3 thoughts on “Your Shakespeare Geek Lives In Boston

  1. Who alone suffers suffers most i'the mind,
    Leaving free things and happy shows behind;
    But then the mind much sufferance doth o'erskip,
    When Grief hath mates and bearing fellowship.
    Lear 3.4.111-14

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