Last Day to Join the Shakespeare is Universal Campaign!

Our revels will soon be ending, and our little lives will be rounded with a stunning new t-shirt because we hit our goal!  I just wanted to leave a note here for those people that really were waiting until the end, possibly to see if we made it (so there’s no risk), possibly to see if we *didnt* make it so they could help put us over the edge.  Either way, you’ve still got (as of this writing) about 9 hours to go add your name to the list and get a shirt if you wanted one.

For those that have already joined the campaign, remember that your payment will be charged so don’t suddenly forget what you signed up for :).  But shirts should be arriving by the end of the month.  I look forward to hearing reports of sightings in the wild!

Shakespeare for everyone!

P.S. – No more nagging!  I know that’s the most exciting part for some people.  Thanks for putting up with me.

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