Top Ten Reasons to Buy the Shakespeare is Universal T-Shirt (Guest Post)

Bardfilm, without coercion, has developed this list to convince the reluctant to purchase the “Shakespeare is Universal” T-shirt designed by Shakespeare Geek.

10. Unaccommodated man is no more but such a poor bare, forked animal as Edgar (disguised as Poor Tom) is in King Lear. This T-shirt will enable you to rise above such unaccommodation.

9. Only one week remains to sign up for this shirt—and I have inside knowledge that the opportunity will not repeat itself if this fails.

8. The night is cold, and you are sick at heart. Purchasing this T-shirt will remedy both difficulties simultaneously!

7. A shirt of such quality is rarely seen—far less is it seen for the low price of a mere fifteen dollars. It’s practically custom-designed for the Shakespeare afficianado in each of us. Given that our Geek has taken suggestions from followers and Facebook fans and updated the design, it actually is custom-designed, now that I think about it.

6. Falstaff, according to the Hostess, “could never abide carnation; ’twas a colour he never liked.” This shirt is not offered in carnation—though you can get it in black, blue, red, or grey.

5. You love to talk about Shakespeare—you know you do. Wear this T-shirt, and conversations will automatically turn in a direction you know and love!

4. Shakespeare Geek has been a constant Shakespeare promoter to all and sundry since 2005. This is but one very small way to congratulate him on his efforts and to encourage him to continue in them.

3. Lear tells us that “Through tatter’d clothes small vices do appear.” Hide your small vices by buying this untatter’d t-shirt!

2. Imagine the prestige of being one of only a hundred people in the world to own this t-shirt. Pretend you’ve joined an ultra-secret society of Shakespeare promoters. When you spot another person wearing this shirt, nod gravely. That would be so cool!

1. The whips and scorns of time will have little to no effect on you when you wear a shirt covered with “To be or not to be” in thirty-six languages.  That, my friends, is the same number as the number of plays included in the First Folio of Shakespeare’s works.

Finally, if you don’t buy this shirt, Bardfilm (and ninety-nine other people) won’t ever get the opportunity to have one. And “Keep Bardfilm happy” is such a common expression that it’s virtually become a cliché.  And you know what they say—it wouldn’t be a cliché if it weren’t true!

Our thanks for this guest post to kj, the author of Bardfilm. Bardfilm is a blog that comments on films, plays, and other matters related to Shakespeare.

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