Everybody's Watching The Hollow Crown, Yes?

Part 2 of the Hollow Crown series, Henry IV Part 1 (got that?) is this Friday.

I feel like I don’t know where to begin with this monumental Shakespeare event, and quite truly can’t get my own head around it. I’ve never really studied the history plays, and now here they are played out in front of me with pretty much every modern Shakespearean actor I could imagine (including Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, some guy named Patrick Stewsomething, and many many others). I started watching Richard II earlier , but became so engrossed in it so quickly that I had to remember that I had a family who had no idea what they were watching. So instead I promised myself an evening of nothing but the bliss of watching hour after hour of Shakespeare after they’ve all gone to bed.

Know what I did do? I broke out my First Folio, and started reading Richard II. I don’t know why people say “Don’t read the plays, see the plays” because the combination of the two is insane. You see it, and then you read it, and it’s like your own personal recorder fires up inside your brain and starts replaying the movie for you, whenever you want. Love it love it love it.

2 thoughts on “Everybody's Watching The Hollow Crown, Yes?

  1. My wife and I had been looking forward to seeing The Hollow Crown for quite some time. So when it aired on our local PBS station, we were ready. She in her blue "Shakespeare Is Universal" tee shirt, and I in my black one, drinks and popcorn at the ready.

    I also had my RSC paperback edition of Richard II, so I could follow along. That came in handy as my wife had some trouble hearing some lines, and I was able to read them out to her.

    We were so impressed that we began looking around online for a DVD copy. We found it at Barnes and Noble for just over $27 including sales tax–free shipping.

  2. Definitely watching! Sad to say I dozed off during Richard II last week – I blame the fact that I was watching in bed, since the living room TV was otherwise occupied. This week, I'll be more vigilant.

    It's been a rough week and I have to say my mood lifted a bit this afternoon when I remembered "Hey, I have a date with Shakespeare tonight!"

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