Parent Teacher Drive-By

Ok so earlier this week I talked about going to see the teachers for my children who are currently in elementary school (second and fourth grade) and volunteering to do some Shakespeare with them, as I’ve done for the past several years.  My oldest is in middle school, where the rules are all new to us, so I have no idea if I’ll get a similar opportunity.

Or do I?

Tonight was “Geography Night” at the middle school.  We wandered around the halls playing geography bingo, geography simon says, getting henna tattoos in one room and eating africa shaped cookies in another.  In the cookie room a bunch of teachers have gathered who recognize my daughter, and introduce themselves to my wife. One says, “I’m the English teacher.”

“You do Shakespeare with them?” I ask immediately.  I’m getting better at this.

“Oh, definitely,” she says.

I nod, give an appreciative thumbs up and say, “Nice.”

“Why,” the teacher asks, “Are you going to come in and help us?”

I find myself speechless at how to respond, because I didn’t know it would be that easy. I’m left stuttering out words like, “oh yes…defin…yeah…”

“This is his thing,” my wife offers.

“Let’s just call it a long story,” I finally get out.

Looks like I’ll be doing plenty of Shakespeare this school year!!

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