The World Series of Shakespeare

Loyal readers know that your Shakespeare Geek is born and raised in Massachusetts, which makes me a lifelong Red Sox fan.  Baseball changed forever for us in the 2004 World Series when we broke the curse by shutting out the Cardinals 4-0.

Speaking of the Cardinals….(oh, that was a cheap shot over the bow and I’m not ashamed of it)…it happens to pass that our pal Bardfilm is a Cardinals fan!  And lo and behold look who has made it back to the World Series this year.

A wager!  There must be a wager!

There is.  And here it is: The loser has to write and post an original sonnet on his blog, praising the other team.  So should the Cardinals win, I would have to pen a sonnet singing their praises (what rhymes with grumble?)  And, when the Red Sox win, Bardfilm will need to join the choirs that already sing our many praises.  I hope he doesn’t think he can plagiarize one of the songs already sung about our hometown heroes, as I will be checking.


Play ball!

One thought on “The World Series of Shakespeare

  1. Meanwhile, I'm looking for rhymes for "scrod," "beans," "wicked," and "fake beards."

    But I'm not working too hard on the rhymes. I don't suppose I'll be the one writing the sonnet!

    kj (Bardfilm)

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