Who Can Help Me With A Survey?

[Warning, day job interruption.]

Hi gang,

Show of hands, who knows what a MOOC is?  What if I called it a Massive Open Online Course?

In my day job I work on a web site that deals in MOOCs, and I’d like to learn more about my audience. I’ve taken it upon myself (i.e. didn’t tell my boss) to set up a simple survey with some basic questions about whether you’ve ever taken courses (finished or not), what you look for in deciding what courses are for you, and so on.

I treat the subject just like any other content, and by that I mean I start by searching “Shakespeare” and see what comes up.  Thus far there are very few results in what I’d call the MOOC category.  There are plenty of lectures, particularly in iTunes U, but that’s not the same thing.  Different people expect different things out of a MOOC.

Anyway, if you’ve got a chance I’d love it if you could fill out my survey. I know I’ve got a bunch of educators reading, and there’s a spot in the survey for extra comments, don’t be shy!  Also don’t forget to forward the link to your friends. I need all the data I can get!

Oh, you need a link.



[Day job interruption over, Shakespeare content resumes…]

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