My Own Little NaNoWriMo Challenge, Day 1

I’ve always wanted to tackle the NaNoWriMo challenge (“National Novel Writer’s Month”), where authors commit to writing a thousand words a day for a month. For various reasons, I have not.

That doesn’t mean I can’t create my own, however.  As I mentioned yesterday, my daughter’s high school is performing Hamlet November 16-17. That’s a week and a half away. My goal is to produce a summary/guide/cheatsheet to the play that could be circulated among the 11yr olds (my daughter’s friends) that would meet two goals:  first, that they could actually understand what’s going on, and second, that it might prove interesting enough that they want to go see the play.

Last night I knocked out 1382 words on the subject.

I’ll report back daily until my task is complete.  Unlike NaNoWriMo where the goal of the entire month is word count (with editing presumably to follow), I have a hard deadline of next Thursday (allowing them time to read it before show time!) for something that’s at least acceptably edited and formatted.

Wish me broken legs!  Because if I broke a leg then I could stay home from work and write more about Shakespeare. ๐Ÿ™‚

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