Nexus 7 Shakespeare Commercial

Thanks to my wife for pointing this commercial out when I missed it!  Google tells us that the Nexus 7
is as good at reading the classics as it is at reading the best sellers, and uses Romeo and Juliet to prove it:

What’s unusual is that a father appears to be reading Romeo & Juliet to his daughter as a bedtime story.  I’m not sure if I love that or find that bizarre.  Maybe he’s going to skip all the dead people.

Is it wrong that I totally want one now, just because of this commercial? I have no need for it, there’s Kindle Fires all over my house and I develop software for the iPad at work.  But still.  Seems like the kind of advertising I’d want to support :).

UPDATE : Found the whole 30second spot! Apologies, I’d grabbed the first one I saw and didn’t realize that one I posted wasn’t the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Nexus 7 Shakespeare Commercial

  1. Relevant excerpts, my friend! You've done that with your kids, I'm pretty sure? My daughter knew what happened in Macbeth at 5–and could recite some of the speeches–she's none the worse for it. I have to say that it's a beautiful commercial–and you know how I feel about using Shakespeare to market 'things'. This transcended that for me. I feel like Shakespeare is given more of the center stage in this one and the spot will be remembered at least as much for him as it is for the product they're hawking. It's haunting. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Tis a good point about the relevant excerpts, and I actually have done that :). I was just imagining that the guy was planning to read the whole thing to his daughter, not even stopping to realize that from my own experience that's not necessarily true!

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