“Chrome”-Plated Shakespeare

For those of you using the Google Chrome browser, David Fisco just sent me his game “Rote Shakespeare“. It’s a plug-in (why he wrote it as a plug-in I have no idea?) memorization game where you get a passage from the play of your choice, where one of the lines is left out and the words scrambled for you.  Click to put them back in order. There’s no timer, which I prefer, though it does count how many times you tried to get it right and always resets you as soon as you get a word wrong (which makes it easier, because you know exactly which words you got right and can just do process of elimination).

Fun game, and I like how you can zero in on the characters that you want (so you’re not accidentally handed some random spear-carrier’s line to remember).  I don’t think it has anything to do with rote memorization, though.  Unscrambling the words is actually a distraction from remembering what the line is in the context it’s given.

I’m just not sure where the plug-in thing fits.  I think it’s more of a “Chrome App”, which is fine, but I’m confused about how to install and run it if I ever want to find it again.

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