No More! The Texts Are Foolish!

Perhaps you’ve heard the story by now about the guy that is getting revenge on a scammer by texting him the complete works of Shakespeare? Seems he sent a bank transfer to this guy to buy a PS3, and never got his PS3 and can’t get his money back. So he decides to start cutting and pasting, sending monstrous texts to the guy. Whether it’s just to annoy him or because the dude still lives in a time when you have to pay to receive a text I don’t know, but the sender has unlimited sending data so he figures he’s cool.

Whole lot of problems with this plan. Most notably, the scammer has probably already blocked his number by now so continuing to text him will do no good.

Worse, if the scammer realizes that he actually has rights (whether he’s a jerk in other matters does not change legal issues), he might decide to sue the guy for harassing him. ┬áIn our modern world of cyberbullying, sending unwanted texts to a person for the malicious purposes such as these is a big deal. Whether it’s a criminal offense yet I cannot tell (and would depend on where they are) but at the very least the scammer could make his case to the phone company and cost our Shakespearean friend
his service plan.

Don’t punish people with Shakespeare.

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