Dunsinane : A Sequel to Macbeth (Kind of)

I love the potential for Shakespeare sequels and prequels. Once upon a time we played the “write a sequel” game, I highly suggest checking that out for Alexi’s genius crossover idea that blends a Merchant of Venice sequel into an Othello prequel.  There’s also Hamlet 2, which is a bit of a joke but does have an actual plot in there somewhere, and I’m pretty sure there’s a legit sequel called “Fortinbras” or “Horatio” (I think the latter) that has Horatio haunted by the ghosts of everybody that died in the first one.

Coming from a different angle we have Dunsinane, something of a parallel universe sequel to Macbeth.

Scottish playwright David Greig wanted to address the historical elements of Shakespeare’s play from the Scottish angle. Lady Macbeth (aka Gruach) lives – as does her son.
Sounds a lot more interesting than Hamlet 2!  Maybe not as funny, though. I wonder if it’ll have a time machine.  Or sexy Jesus

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