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Hi Everyone!

As you all know, Shakespeare Day is coming. My favorite holiday!  I spent the day tweeting and blogging, and try to have as many special events planned as I can.

I’ve noticed that I’ve got 4943 followers on Twitter, which is awfully close to that nice round 5000 number. If you’ve enjoyed the Shakespeare Geek blog over the years and you’re not yet a follower on Twitter, is there something I can do to convince you?  Everything that gets blogged gets tweeted – but not everything that gets tweeted gets blogged! There are many spontaneous games that we play, links that are RT’d, etc etc etc that you never get to see if you’re only hanging out on the blog.

If you are already a follower (and, thank you for that) how about introducing me to some of your friends? Share a few stories around. Let me know what you like, I’ll do more of that.

Can’t wait for Shakespeare Day!  Let’s make a 5000 Follower announcement one of my posts!


2 thoughts on “Twitter 5000

  1. Hey Duane, have you seen anything about the movie Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)? Apparently it features Christopher Marlowe as a vampire who (spoilers) wrote the plays of Shakespeare.

  2. You know, I did read about the director (who is a legit Shakespeare denier) and thought little more than, "Well, this guy's an idiot." Never occurred to me to post about the movie! Good idea.

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