Elle UK Hates Shakespeare

I normally wouldn’t do much with a pictorial article about 100 Ways To Say I Love You just because it kicked off my Shakespeare keyword filters. But I’m on vacation in a hotel room and my family is asleep, so I’m bored.

4?! That’s it!? You found *4* Shakespeare quotes for saying I love you.  Seriously?

I think the writer had it in for Shakespeare. Nicholas Sparks is on the list. And the Hunger Games woman, whatever her name is. Oh, and the Fault in Our Stars dude, who is really just a more educated Nicholas Sparks. You could have knocked all of them off the list and given us 3 more Shakespeare.

Jane Austen also gets 4.

But you know who gets the most? Go ahead, guess. No, not Harry Potter lady, that would be too easy.
Guess who got *7* spots on the list?

Charles Frickin Dickens, that’s who.

Because when you read Oliver Twist and Bleak House and Nicholas Nickleby, what you remember most is thinking, “Wow, I have to remember to use that line on my girlfriend.”

And don’t anybody say “Please, may I have some more?”   🙂

2 thoughts on “Elle UK Hates Shakespeare

  1. All of these thoughts, these matters of the heart, and heart affairs, are beyond what one would call beauty. The sentiments run very deep, undeniably so. Any man who would hold these thoughts and feelings deep inside of him is a man whom words cannot easily explain. A loving man.

    Any woman who might be the recipient of any one of these beautiful passages would be humbly honored. I think she would treasure them for a life time.

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