Dancing With The Shakespeare

I’m not sure how many of you watch ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, either because you’re in another country and have no idea what it is or because you just got sick of them playing fast and loose with the word “star” about 10 seasons ago.

But!  This week was “Dynamic Duo” week, and somebody (Val and Janel) did Romeo and Juliet. I always pay closer attention when there’s a chance that somebody’s gotten some Shakespeare into other random stuff.

Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of Shakespeare to be found, once you get past the name. Check it out (they did get a perfect score for the performance):

On second thought, let’s look a little closer.

I’m not quite sure what they were going for here, but when I first saw it I thought, “Are they in her bedroom looking out the window?”  As in, “It was the nightingale, and not the lark?”

But here’s what sealed it for me. I can only hope that he was going for what I think he was going for:

Romeo’s reaction to discovering Juliet’s dead body? I love it.  (By the way, you may notice that he’s literally holding her up across his knees. Nice trick!)

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