First Folios for Every State!

Folger announced today the 52 exact locations that will be receiving a visit from the First Folio this spring as part of their celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Here’s my thoughts, in pretty much the order they occurred:

“Boston…Boston…come on, Boston…..DAMNIT!  Amherst.” <reads Garland Scott’s explanation> “Oh, ok, I guess that makes sense.”

“Portland, Maine, eh? Interesting, I’ve got a vacation weekend planned in Portland for April 10-11, I wonder if the timing will work out?” I don’t think so, I don’t think this is happening until later in the year. But I do plan to check!

“There’s 52 entries in this list, WHO GETS TWO? WHO THE F%^&*( GETS TWO?  Oh…D.C. and Puerto Rico count.  Fine, I guess.”

Seriously for a minute there I felt like the kid at the birthday party monitoring the cake slices to make sure nobody gets more than anybody else.

UPDATE : Looking back I see that this is a list for 2016, so (a) my Portland plans this April will definitely not be at the right time, and (b) I’ve got a whole year to plan a separate trip!

Then again I once got to do this (also thanks to Garland :)), so everything else is just gravy at this point.

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