Speaking of Shakspeare movie projects…

Also on my radar this week is a not-yet-funded project to film Love’s Labour’s Lost.  This one will be set at a boarding school:

Ferdinand, the Head Boy of Navarre Academy, leads three of his comrades in making a chastity vow in order to focus on their studies. However, with the arrival of four new girls at their school, including the Princess of Aquitane and her sultry friend Rosaline, the boys can’t help but quickly fall for each of their new classmates. Meanwhile, their eccentric Spanish teacher, Don Armado, falls for Jaquenetta, the sexy school nurse, but is caught in a love triangle with Costard, the janitor.

I like it so far because it sounds like they can actually keep fairly close to character and plot. It’s always a bit disappointing when a modern adaptation finds itself at odds with the script and has to just toss potentially crucial elements of the original out the window.

They do need some help – at the time of this writing they’re at less than $5000 of their $25,000 goal.
Check it out!

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