Are You ShakesBEERienced?

Well, I’m not.

The 7 Stages Shakespeare Company in Portsmouth, NH are the geniuses behind ShakesBEERience. Who can say no to free Shakespeare presented at a brewery?

They’re doing Love’s Labour’s Lost in May, but Pericles and Two Noble Kinsmen are in their fall lineup so it’s not like they’re phoning it in by doing the easy/popular ones, either!

Has anybody been? Last time I ran across their link they were off season and I forgot all about it. I think I’m only about 45 minutes away, I’ve got to figure out a way to get up there and see the show.

2 thoughts on “Are You ShakesBEERienced?

  1. Christine G. says:

    I saw something on PBS that someone in boston is doing drunk shakespeare… that the actors get intoxicated beforehand and it adds this wacky level of shenanigans to the performance. I think they were doing midsummer, which sounds like it would be perfect… Have you heard anything about that? I can't find anything on it. hmmmm.

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