Time Enough for Shakespeare

A funny thing almost happened on the way to Shakespeare Day this year. The day job has been very, very busy on a number of fronts.  There’s actually a big all day meeting scheduled today at the home office. Most of my April has been spent building up to that.

On top of that, I’m having work done on my house, which means that my living situation’s been in disarray for the last two weeks.  As in, no beds for the children, who are sleeping in sleeping bags on various couches around the house.  Since my most productive time is typically late at night after everybody’s gone to bed, this has made it quite a challenge, especially when you factor in all the day job work that’s been going on.

But I couldn’t miss it. I would never forgive myself if a Shakespeare Day came and went and I failed to celebrate it.

So my many apologies that this is something of a mini celebration compared to previous years. We definitely won’t be breaking my marathon record (which I believe is 26 posts, or something like that?)  But I shall do what I can.

Happy Birthday, Shakespeare.

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