Darkside : Tom Stoppard + Pink Floyd

I’ve long been a Pink Floyd fan. I may have mentioned that. My kids know Sonnet 18 because David Gilmour’s solo version of that sonnet set to music used to be my ringtone.

So when Pink Floyd references show up in my Shakespeare feed I double check to see what’s up. And then somebody says “Hey remember when Tom Stoppard wrote a play set to the music of Dark Side of the Moon?” and I’m all, “wait..what?”


Anybody know this “Darkside” play?  I’m looking into it now. Never heard of it.

One thought on “Darkside : Tom Stoppard + Pink Floyd

  1. Hello. I can't have access to the link. But what I know is that there's an album on Spotify. Although you can't see what happened, you can get an idea of this work. Search for Dark Side of The Moon Tom Stoppard.

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