See Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet Live This Thursday!

This Thursday, October 15, you might be lucky enough to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet in your local theatre!

This is a Hamlet for a world on the edge: a warning from history, and a plea for new ideas from a new generation


A fresh, dynamic staging with a vivid, supple performance at its heart.

-Financial Times

Is anybody going to get to see this?  I have an event at my kids’ school that night (and it may be with gritted teeth but kids come before Shakespeare), but the web site does say Encore Performances on Oct 22, so maybe I’ll get lucky!

UPDATE : After relating this story to my kids they were all, “Daddy, of *course* you go see the Shakespeare.  This school thing happens every year, and you’ve already been to them the last couple of years anyway. Shakespeare over this.”


I then discovered that all my local showings are sold out. 🙁

On the one hand I’m happy that there’s this much interest in a Shakespeare event!  But, of course, bummed that I’m not going to be a part of it.  Hoping for a DVD release hot on the heels of the live show :)!

One thought on “See Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet Live This Thursday!

  1. You might want to check again — where I am (in Boston) there are encore performances in December, not sold out yet.

    If you can get to an encore do, it was terrific!

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