Decorating Your Life

Here’s a question that’s on my mind lately, now that I’ve got a new office and all kinds of new people to meet.  How do you decorate your life with Shakespeare?  What I mean is, if somebody meets you for the first time, or comes into your space, what about you says Shakespeare?

I don’t have much, surprisingly.  Downstairs I’ve got some nice framed One Page posters. Upstairs on a little wall shelf I’ve got a small bust of Shakespeare.  People who snoop around a bit will be sure to find my collection of action figures, wind-up toys and finger puppets. And then there’s the books. I’ve deliberately limited myself to one shelf on the bookcase upstairs, so I pick carefully and showcase only my favorite editions.

I christened my new office with one of my action figures, but then bought myself a present to really set the tone properly.  Now I want to decorate my company computer, so a couple of these are already on the way from Amazon.

…you know, when I list it like that I suppose I do have more than a little. I was going to say, “That’s all in my home/work, I don’t carry stuff around with me.”  But then there’s the Shakespeare air freshener in my car. 🙂

How about you? How can strangers tell you’re a Shakespeare geek as soon as they see you?

2 thoughts on “Decorating Your Life

  1. "One has "To Be Or Not To Be" in dozens of languages. The other has Shakespeare's portrait picked out in stars."

    Those sound *stunning*. 😉

    Thanks for the support!

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