Upstart Crow : A Shakespeare Sitcom?!

This sounds exciting, and I hope I can get access to it!

Upstart Crow is set in 1592, at the beginning of Shakespeare’s extraordinary career, and suggests where he might have got his ideas from. 

Also announced in the cast today are Paula Wilcox as Will’s mum; Liza Tarbuck as his wife Anne Hathaway; and Mark Heap as Sir Robert Greene, Will’s nemesis. 

It also features some familiar names from the comedy circuit including Rob Rouse as Shakespeare’s servant Bottom, The Herbert creator Spencer Jones as a thespian, and Gemma Whelan, who also plays Asha Greyly in Game of Thrones, as the writer’s friend Kate.

I don’t know any of those names. At all. But I’m always excited about the potential of original Shakespeare content with Shakespeare as an actual character.  Shakespeare in Love was pretty good, after all!

Harry Enfield joins Shakespeare comedy

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