Shakespeare Dreams (A Continuing Series)

Sometimes, I dream in Shakespeare.  I love when that happens.
Last night I dreamed that I was writing a version of The Tempest as poem. I’m not sure the official term for it when you tell a story like that (I’m thinking of Longfellow’s stuff)? A narrative style, where you walk through the plot one stanza at a time.  
All I can remember vividly is thinking I would have to rhyme “child” with “isle” before realizing that I could get fancy and rhyme “child and” with “island.” It had the standard A/B/A/B rhyme scheme, nothing fancy.

Wish I could remember more of it. The dream part was about their departure from the island, and turning the kingdom over to Caliban before they left. I definitely remember part of the dream being about hoping I had an auto-save feature so that I would not lose my work.

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