Opening Night Trailer

This is a surprise!  “Opening Night”, which looks to be opening in early May (opposite Captain America?  It’s doomed…) tells a story we’ve heard before : drama teacher with a heart of gold has to deal with teachers who don’t understand him and administration who keeps cutting his budget, and the only way to save everybody’s eternal souls is to put on a killer Shakespeare production. Or some variation thereof.  Check it out:

For a change of pace, this one apparently also includes Shakespeare.  That’s different.

I don’t recognize any of the cast, except for Anthony “RENT” Rapp. I wonder if he’ll sing?

I can’t tell from the trailer if this is going to be Get Over It or Noises Off or Hamlet 2, but regardless I’ll almost certainly end up figuring out a way to see it.  I don’t expect it to get a wide cinema release, but maybe it’ll be streaming?

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