Too Many Shakespeares

At last, a new list!, who normally specializes in the science fiction world, caught my eye with their list of Fictional Shakespeares.  Wot’zat, then?  Well it starts with Shakespeare in Love and I’m thinking, “Oh, ok, this is going to be a list of adaptations where Shakespeare is a character cool.” But I had no idea if it was to be movies or novels or what.

Well, all of that and more.  The list contains:

  • three movies (I’m counting the “miniseries” as a movie)
  • three novels
  • a short story
  • five comics (I’m including “graphic novels” here, don’t shoot me)
  • five television episodes
Something for everybody! You’ve probably seen many of them, but I bet not all.  That’s always been the great thing about Shakespeare’s public domain status – literally anybody at any time can just grab him as an easy story line.  I actually took a moment to see whether I could get that old Superman comic on Amazon  it’s worth about $400!
Don’t miss the comments, where readers add their own ideas for the list!

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